Hello from England!


Frimely Park Hospital Main Entrance
Frimely Park Hospital Main Entrance



イギリスで福祉の仕事を通して学んだ事や経験した事を活かし、 この度、イギリスのがんに関する社会福祉制度、 慈善団体の活動や影響力、 人々の生活など発信させてもらう事になりました。

私の母は日本で数年前にがんで亡くなりました。当時イギリスの医療や福祉制度を既に知っていた私は、 日本の制度に首をかしげる事が多々ありました。 そんな経験を活かし、 イギリスからの情報を発信できたらと思っています。

イギリスのがん患者さんの数は世界で22番目。 日本とイギリスを比較すると、 イギリスの方ががんの発症率は高く生存率も低いと言うデーターが報告されています。(世界保健機構より)

では、そんなイギリスのがん当事者のみなさんは、 どんな悩みを持ちながら日々生活しているのでしょうか? イギリスで行われたリサーチに以下の項目があげられていました






(Macmillan Cancer Reseachより引用)

日本におけるがん患者さんの悩みとして4つの柱としてあげられて いたのは以下でした。






イギリスの当事者の方のほとんどの悩みは、 日本と類似していましたが、唯一、「経済的、就業の不安」 と言う項目はあげられていませんでした。


私は渡英前から欧州は福祉が充実していると耳にしていましたが、 語学留学が目的でイギリスに来たばかりの私はイギリスの医療福祉 の事については、何も知りませんでした。



診察室から真っ直ぐ病院を出た時に、 何かを忘れた変な感じがしたのを今でも覚えています。

がん治療で手術、化学治療、 入院などが必要でも全て無料です。

日本では、 まず病気をしたら心配する治療代や入院費と言うものを一切考える 必要がありません。

そして、 イギリスでは社会福祉手当や雇用も日本と比べてかなり保障されています。


社会福祉手当、 雇用法についてはまた今後詳しくお伝えできたらと思っています。

Hello from England.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Yumiko, I have been living in UK for 13 years.

I have the pleasure of sharing some information about the social welfare and care system, impacts of charitable organisations, and life of people with cancer in UK by through my work experiences and knowledge in Social Care in UK.

My mother has passed away in a few years ago in Japan, due to cancer.  When my family and I were planing my mother’s end of care, I have encountered such a difficult experience comparing organising care, support  and welfare for someone in UK. This is my reason that I would like to send messages and information about cancer from UK.

In order to discuss about cancer in UK, I looked into the population of cancer in UK. It was the top 22nd  in the world. Comparing UK with Japan, it was reported that, in UK, the incidence of cancer was higher and the survival rate was lower.(Reported by WHO)

Now, I would like to focus on common feelings of living with cancer.

The following feelings have been listed on the research conducted in UK.

1. Mental fear, anxiety, worry

2. Fatigue

3. Lack of sleep

4. Pain

5. Loss of appetite

(Quoted from Macmillan Cancer Research)

The following feelings have been listed on the research conducted in Japan.

1. About treatments

2. Symptoms and side effects

3. Anxiety

4. Finance matter and Work

(Quoted from Shizuoka Cancer Centre)

Most feelings listed between UK and Japan are similar but “Finance matter and work concerns”, was not listed UK.The possible reason is that UK has better medical and social welfare systems than Japan. Which I have also experienced personally.

When I had had just arrived at UK for studying English, did not know anything about the medical and welfare in UK. Only I had heard was that the European welfare system is much advanced than Japan.

One day I visited the hospital for the first time.What surprised me was that medical fee was free.Of course, there was no the payment reception at the hospital.I still remember that I felt strange like I forgot something when I left the hospital directly from the doctor’s office.

Any required treatments for cancer such as operation, chemotherapy, and hospitalisation are all free.

It is unnecessary for cancer patients in UK to worried about any expenses for treatments,tests and the fee for hospital bed which people in Japan start worried about immediately after the diagnosis.

In addition to that, the social welfare allowance and employment for cancer patients are more considerably supported in UK than Japan.

In UK,  Social security and welfare system protect fundamental life for all citizens. Nobody has never imagined which one day they may become homeless because she/he does not have any work, money or the house to live.

I would like to report more details about the social security and welfare in UK on the separate article in future.